All landscape trees and shrubs benefit from yearly fertilization. Good plant health care begins with the correct nutrients. Fertilizing in a landscape setting is essential because the conditions in a landscape are frequently much different than the conditions found in a more natural setting. In the forest, a natural layer of organic matter on the ground leaches the necessary nutrients into the soil while decaying. Trees and shrubs then take these nutrients up via their root systems. This does not happen in most landscapes.


The best time to fertilize is before you see any decline in your plants. Healthy plants will benefit the most from fertilization in the spring and late fall, even into dormancy. At Arbortech Tree Care we use deep root pressurized feeding. The important feeder roots of a tree that is responsible for nutrient uptake are mostly found in the 6-12 inches of soil under the surface. By directly placing the fertilizer near the roots, uptake is greatest and allows for maximum benefit to the trees and shrubs. It also eliminates runoff and competition from turf roots.


Our fertilizer mix was custom designed to meet the specialized need of Muskoka soil. As every site is different we can analyze your soil and formulate the ideal mix for your specific location and situation.


Our arborist will be happy to provide you with a free consultation about fertilization of your trees and shrubs.